This road is closed to traffic for construction work.

I'd like two singles for three nights from the 21st for about sixty dollars a night.

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Ken wasn't running.

This is his house.

The television isn't working.


Every man must die.

I don't know what else we should do.

You were the best one.

You should ask for a refund.

It didn't even cross my mind.

Jeffrey stepped up to the microphone.

The only secret that women can keep is the one they don't know about.

Thanks for supporting me.

What did you bring me from Rome?

Scrooge and Marley were partners for I don't know how many years.

I have something personal to discuss with you.


Thought is free.

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You can't quit.

There is some milk left in the fridge.

I'm a business man.


I don't like guys like Jesus.

I have the ace of diamonds.

I had a cat.

What Kate did was dangerous.

These days he disobeys his parents.

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Stop wasting my time.


Hello! With whom am I speaking? You don't recognize me? It's me, Aldo!


Be patient please. It takes time.

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Last year in the Philippines, earthquakes and tidal waves resulted in the deaths of more than 6000 people.


Not all those who wander are lost.

I can't explain it any better than that. I wish I could.

I don't know. It all happened so fast.


The sprinkler is shooting out a stream of water onto the grass.


No sooner had Morris broken up with Cris than John asked her out.

By demolishing buildings of bygone times, we wipe out every trace of the past forever.

Give me a key, and I will unlock the universe.

To tell the truth, I was scolded by my mother.

The insider trading scandal put a lot of people out of business.

How do you know so much about me?

The previous sentence is true.

That's where Shean and I met.

We shot pheasants by the hundred.


My aunt gave me an album.

Is it exciting?

She is living from hand to mouth.

He took great pains in taming a puma.

I turned down the offer.

I swear it was Irving.

Do not block the driveway.

Do you guys want to have some fun?

Sunspots appear darker than their surroundings because they are a few thousand degrees cooler.

Merton wasn't supposed to be here until 2:30.

Think was carrying a duffel bag and a guitar case.


Come with us now.


I need you to talk to Judy about that.

She dried her face on a towel.

They went out to Australia seeking gold.

I just can't get used to taking orders from Lanny.

Here's a picture of my daughter.


How do you say "blog" in Latin?


While pointlessly wandering around the city, he stumbled on a cobblestone he hadn't noticed and almost tripped over, but it turned out all right


I couldn't have said it better.

Let's pray.

Agatha doesn't live far from here.


She is particular about what she wears.


I got married five years ago on this very day.

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Let's make it three o'clock.


I told you that would work.


Is it free of charge?

What exactly do you do for fun?

Now I understand what you mean.

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The doctor advised me that I should go on a diet.


Peter did that by himself.

It hasn't been easy for Marsha to make ends meet.

We've got a good team here.

The conservation of momentum is a fundamental concept of physics along with the conservation of energy and the conservation of mass.

Before we welcome the beautiful tomorrow, every rich men will ensure they have sufficient rest!

It's illegal to give someone else medication that was prescribed for you.

Dan came out of sedation.

I haven't eaten since breakfast and I'm very hungry.

Yes, they visited his good friend, Doctor Mortimer.

Those rules foster discontent among students.

You and I have unfinished business.

Blayne is Floyd's only child.

Do you think there's any chance that Win knows Anton's phone number?

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Do you think she'd go out with me?

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Saiid is discreet, isn't he?

Our virtues are, most often, only disguised vices.

Sangho used to be a member of the bomb squad.

Everyone remembers the happy days of youth as his halcyon days.

This woman is a doctor.

I'll come right over.

I had to tell them about us.


Gas prices have dropped.

They made up and became friends again.

Don't forget to open the window in your room.

Pam is playing with my cat.

Alain wasn't sure what Jacobson was talking about.


There were ink blots on the paper.


I'll ask Margaret what he thinks.

We were sailing.

He accepted our offer.

The poor girl regularly had bouts of fever, and her headaches became unbearable.

Can you come to the office by train?

Was the movie interesting?

They're both gone.

He was her prince charming.

Can you please tell me where the nearest church is?

Shaw called Uri and found out she wasn't planning on coming.

I told you I was there.

"Your army is impotent against mine!!" he laughed.

Rolf can't help the way he is.

She's far behind in her studies.

What's eating you?

In fact, I don't like him.

I don't know if we will leave this week or next week.


Franklin tried to talk Mongo out of leaving.

This house is mine, not yours.

What are we doing out here?

Lin never turned up again.

Please be careful not to forget your card or your change in the machine.

There's nobody there.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Money can't buy you everything.

I thought I'd never see you alive again.

The height of the tower is above 100 meters.

What's your message?

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Can you print us out a list?


A kilometer on foot, that wears you out. A kilometer on foot, that wears out your shoes.


Can you play guitar?

I'm so sorry about what happened up there.

It was raining heavily when I got up this morning.

Won't you tell me what time it is?

I am not a lion but I too can roar.

I should be with him.

Rudolf doesn't want Melinda to do what he did.

She is very anxious about your health.

The past days don't determine what will happen in the new year.


Most of the farmers had large families.

I really like red.

The player performed a wonderful feat.

The light bulb was invented by Edison and Joseph Swan at the same time but the name of Swan was forgotten.

Straka lost his job.


I just want you to listen to me.

I demand that this plan be approved and enforced as soon as possible.

You had better take account of his age.

It's not cheating if you don't get caught.

There once were many nymphs and goddesses in the forests and waters.

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I had so little time that I had to eat lunch in a hurry.

Would you prefer to go fishing or hunting?

The swimmer raised his head and gasped for breath.

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His policy was soon tested.

Janice suggested we get together for a drink later.

Since no one knew me there, I told them my name was Denis.

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What do you want now?

Peter and I would often go to the movies.

The government was obliged to make changes in its foreign policy.

Hey, that's not a bad idea.

Come to see me tomorrow.


It's partly your fault.